Driving Change
Through Digital Transformation

I'm a design-minded IT solutions consultant with a passion for building engaging experiences and improving business efficiencies through digital transformation. From startups to Fortune 500 companies, I’ve helped hundreds of companies by delivering purpose-built, cloud-delivered technology solutions, to future-proof a foundation that will elevate their success.


The Importance of IT Leadership

With the rapidly changing landscape businesses are facing today, cloud technology has propelled IT teams from their traditional role of “keeping the lights on” to becoming an essential business driver. As we are forced to adapt and find new ways to transform the way we work, there's one fact that remains certain; digital transformation is critical for companies to propel forward.

IT leaders must play a more central role in decision-making, serving as a business advisor, setting company goals, defining strategic needs, and shaping the vision to drive new initiatives. Companies that lack strong IT leadership at the center of the conversation, will quickly get bypassed by faster, smarter competitors. Working in fast-moving, Hi-Tech industries, I have seen repeatedly in fast-moving, high-tech industries how digital-driven strategy, under the right guidance can enable business transformation and significantly improve real-world business value.

As a leader constantly in the forefront of change, I’m driven to bring awareness of these emerging technology trends that can be practically applied to solve complex business challenges in all functional areas including supply chain, manufacturing operations, finance, sales, marketing, and human resources. It has been my mission to position IT as a trusted partner that provides high quality teams and solutions to achieve shared business goals.

Solution Development

Providing the right solutions requires strategic project planning and continuous improvement in tactical deployment, change management, collaboration, and technology operations. Additionally, just as a strong organization requires having a group of people that work together, it takes having the right tools and integrations in place that can seamlessly work together, for technology deployments to be successful.

1 | Start with a Plan

Scoping a project is the first step to managing a project effectively. Leading internal and external IT communications and partnering with leadership to drive clarity and prioritization towards organization key areas of focus, is critical to avoiding scope creep and ensuring deadlines are met.

Infrastructure, Platform, & Tools

  • Bootstrap, Bulma, UIKit
  • Gulp, Grunt, Webpack
  • Git, GitHub
  • Azure, AWS, Google
  • Project Management Tools
  • Colding Tools
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Android, Apple, Web

2 | Lay the Foundation

No matter what the project scope is, starting with a solid foundation is critical. From wireframes and mockups, to process diagrams, visualizing and documenting requirements is critical to a successful project and determining what tools are needed and help recognizing potential obstacles before they happen.



  • HTML5, Haml, Jade
  • JavaScript, jQuery, React
  • PHP
  • SQL, noSQL

Product Lifecycle Management

From e-Commerce system integrations, to enterprise-level on-premise to cloud migrations, I’ve managed all aspects of product development, from engineering to, UI/UX design, to product management. Success comes by blending strategic thinking and continuous improvement with deep knowledge in tactical deployment, planning, change management, technology operation.

Measure. Learn. Build.

Understanding how a user interacts with a product through analytics tools and making data-driven decisions is essential. Narrowing down areas with the most opportunity means developing features that really pack a punch.

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All Things Considered

There's more that goes into building a product than just making it look nice. Things like client constraints and use cases need to be taken into consideration. A product that's tailor-made is always more effective than any pre-made template.

Software Expertise

  • Photoshop, CANVA
  • Illustrator
  • Wordpress, AEM, Webflow
  • Google Analytics, Mixpanel
  • Salesforce, Zoho, Hubspot
  • e-Commerce Platforms

Develop for Empathy

The technology used to produce a product is easily forgotten, but the feeling you invoke in a user is what lasts. A performant, empathetic experience is far more powerful than any animation library or templating engine.

Track Record

With nearly 15 years of hands-on IT experience, I’ve helped companies by employing technical and operational skills to streamline and increase IT efficiency with proven expertise in organization development, project/product delivery, solution engineering, team building, and vendor management.


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My Featured Work

Application development, design, and project management

MBI Staffing
End-to-end product development for staffing startup, including CRM/ATS/HRIS, Website, Employee portal, Branding, and Marketing

Led the selection process for the JLL technologies web app team in Bangalore, India

Business Process Automation for global retail company

The SmileDesk
New business and product development

Candid Solutions
End-to-end product management for CANDID

WJI Networks
Designed and implemented landing pages, marketing, and business strategy

Bridger Brewing
IT infrastructure for multi-location brewery

Open Source Projects
Gridlex UI
GravityForms Ready Class
Bootstrap Genesis

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